Xltek® Trex™ HD Video Ambulatory System

TrexHD case video

Xltek Trex HD is a multimodality, full channel ambulatory recorder that's small, lightweight and delivers reliability, flexibility and performance. The Trex HD allows both EEG and Type II Sleep recording with optional HD video in the comfort of the patient’s home without the need for a computer.

Trex HD easily connects to a PC via a high-speed USB cable, and it can upload 24 hours of data in less than 5 minutes. Combined with Natus NeuroWorks® and SleepWorks software the system enhances workflow with easy, intuitive functions to help you efficiently and effectively review data.

Trex HD utilizes wireless Bluetooth® connectivity for excellent video synchronization. Trex HD is capable of recording up to 96 hours of HD video directly on a camcorder memory card eliminating virtually all cabling and making it a very user-friendly video ambulatory system. Get high quality video capturing patient activities, even throughout the night utilizing camera nightshot mode. 

Key Features:

  • 32-channel amplifier; 24 referential, 4 bipolar, 4 DC, SpO2
  • Configurable sampling frequency up to 512 Hz
  • Wirelessly synchronized HD ambulatory video 
  • HD video without a computer
  • Operates on two AA batteries, with external battery pack for 72-hour recordings
  • Patient controlled start and stop for the video
  • EEG and Sleep tethered or ambulatory recordings

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

32 Channels
512 Hz Sample Rate

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