The NicoletOne Long-Term Monitoring System is a flexible and robust system specifically designed to provide complete EEG / LTM solutions. This system offers exceptional quality and reliability to meet the needs of all clinicians and provides ease of use, considerable video synchronization and an optimized patient/workflow management system.

Whether performing routine procedures or complex recordings, the NicoletOne system ensures high quality patient care through its comprehensive acquisition and review software with analysis applications. As your trusted partner, you can rely on our service, connectivity expertise and support to assist in achieving your clinical, operational, financial and research goals.

Key Features:

The NioletOne LTM system provides up to 128 channels of acquisition and can be used for basic LTM Monitoring, intraoperative monitoring, and brain mapping studies with cortical stimulation.

  • High quality amplifier with patient protection from electrocautery
  • Designed for full support of scalp studies, intracranial studies with grid, strip, or subdermal needle electrodes
  • Suitable for use in the EMU, OR, and ICU
  • Optional integrated Stimulus Switching Unit (SSU) for use with the Natus Cortical Stimulator
  • Integrated Spike and Seizure detection
  • Amplifier recovery time of <1 second
  • Available in 64 and 128 channel options   

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

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Up to 128 Channels
1024 Hz Sample Rate

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