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Global Neuro-Diagnostics is a pioneer in EEG diagnostic services. Global has worked with physicians and hospitals to provide superior care and testing service to its patients.

Services include:

  • Bedside Video EEG Recording
  • In-Patient Video EEG
  • Out-Patient Video EEG
  • Physician Preliminary Interpretations
  • Interpreting efficiency with Technical Descriptions
  • Remotely Monitored Virtual EMU
  • Remotely Monitored Virtual ICU
  • Shared Live Session Reviewing


  • Reduces overall costs for hospitals
  • Reduces hospital staffing costs
  • Reduces readmission rates
  • Instant EMU with no upfront costs
  • Maximizes profitability of existing cases in the EMU
  • Increases the Number of Patients Referred to the EMU
  • Expands a hospital’s geographic reach
  • Maximizes EMU and ICU monitoring availability

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