Embla® N7000 PSG Amplifier with MDrive™

Embla 7000

The Embla N7000 recording system is a result of almost two decades of experience in the field of sleep medicine. The system offers a high degree of flexibility and impeccable signal quality to meet the demanding needs of clinical work and research. The N7000 recorder is indispensable in a wide range of settings and represents the integration of advanced digital technology and precision engineering into an ergonomically designed PSG system.

Key Features:

  • 60-channel amplifier with full 10-20 capability; 32 referential, 8 bipolar, 11 auxiliary, 1 event, 8 DC
  • Sample rate up to 2,000 Hz
  • Versatile design minimizes number of leads between patient and amplifier
  • Powered sensor inputs for airflow, snoring, and respiratory effort
  • Integrated stainless steel Luer Lock pressure sensor
  • Network connectivity via TCP/IP 
  • Wireless recording when interfaced with the MDrive

Not available in all countries.  Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

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