DURAFORM® Dural Graft Implant


The DURAFORM Dural Graft Implant is the solution for the difficult handling of dural substitutes. The unique design and manufacturing process provide an implant with better handling characteristics and greater tear resistance than other onlay dural graft materials.The DURAFORM provides excellent leak resistance with two different textured surfaces for enhanced wet handling capabilities and exceptional anatomical conformity.

Key Features: 

  • Textured top surface makes the DURAFORM implant easy to grip and manipulate, by hand or with forceps
  • Soft, smooth bottom side gently molds to the complex surface structures of the brain and dura
  • Offers excellent anatomical conformity to help prevent CSF leakage
  • Collagen-based biocompatible material exhibits superior tensile strength and wet handling capabilities
  • The strength of the DURAFORM Dural Graft allows for improved manipulation of the dural substitute
  • Extended shelf life (30 months)

Enhanced Confidence with DURAFORM

  • CSF leak resistance is a key factor in the overall effectiveness and value of dural substitutes
  • Made of a collagen-based biocompatible material obtained from a geographical BSE risk level 1 source (New Zealand)
  • When wet, the DURAFORM implant is stronger and handles better than other graft dural substitutes*

*Data on file
Not available in all countries.  Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

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Wet & Dry Handling
New Zealand Bovine

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