Camino® 1104G Catheter for the Camino ICP Monitor

1104G Catheter

The 1104G is a fiber optic subdural post craniotomy catheter for use with the Camino Intracranial Pressure Monitor. This catheter is placed intraoperatively.

Key Features:

  • Placement: Subdural space post craniotomy
  • Allows for easy and secure intraoperative placement
  • Immediate and reliable continuous ICP measurement and waveform
  • Accurate reading independent of patient positioning
  • Added sense of security during the critical first 24 hours post-operation
  • Packaged Individually – Sterile

The 1104G Catheter is for use with the Camino ICP Monitor System and CAMCABL. 

Not available in all countries. Please contact your local sales representative for availability.

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