Camino® ICP Monitoring System Operation Training


Amro Basha

Amro holds a bachelor's degree in Clinical Pharmacy and a master's degree in International Pharmacoeconomics and Health Economics from University of Cardiff (Wales). He has over 6 years’ experience in Neurosurgery & Neurocritical Care / ICP clinical applications.


This course is aimed to facilitate the use of Camino ICP system in the ICU, OR, ER and neurosurgical application processes. Some of the covered topics will be:

  • Anatomy of the Brain, Physiology and Pathophysiology associated with ICP
  • Techniques and Technologies to Monitor ICP
  • Identification of various Componentsof Camino ICP system and supplies
  • Theoretical and Practical Applications of Camino ICP system and supplies
  • Review ICP Studies using Camino systems

Intended Audience:

DPs including sales, marketing and/or application specialists, or clinical individuals involved in the actual usage of Camino ICP monitoring systems.

​Registration Fee: 150 €
Maximum number of participants: 12