Sanjeev Nandedkar, Ph.D.

With over 30 years of experience, Sanjeev is an award winning author, editor and reviewer, researcher, instrument design engineer, teacher, and clinical expert in the EMG field. He has delivered lectures, workshops and seminars in over 25 countries at universities, hospitals and EMG conferences. As an editor, Sanjeev started the “EMG on DVD” series. In collaboration with other clinicians, he developed Motor Unit Number Index (MUNIX) along with Multi-motor unit Analysis (MMA) and Turns & Amplitude (TA) methods available on Natus EMG systems. His primary research interest is in Automatic analysis of EMG signals, Modeling EMG signals and Technical aspects of EMG waveforms. Sanjeev is currently a Senior Consultant at Natus Neuro.

***Cancelled due to global COVID-19 pandemic***

9 NCS CEs / 18 ASET-CEUs*


Objectives & Intended Audience:  

This is a 3-day course that is divided in 2 sections. The first section will be covered on the first two days. It will focus on the routine EMG and nerve conduction studies. It is suitable for physicians and technologists who would like a review of the techniques, and get a hands-on experience with some of the uncommon studies. The third day will be devoted to advanced and quantitative methods of analysis (e.g. motor unit analysis, single fiber EMG). This will be of interest to clinicians and researchers interested in signal processing techniques used for EMG analysis.

The attendees will receive a copy of the power point files used for training. It may not contain slides that are copyrighted by others. The attendees will have the opportunity to practice different procedures using the Natus electrodiagnostic systems. All necessary accessories will be provided. All systems will also have a library of pre-recorded signals for practicing the signal analysis methods. Volunteer subjects for testing may be limited or unavailable for some sessions. Hence the attendees may need to volunteer as test subjects for each other. You may take pictures during the workshop if the test subject does not object to photography.

 *ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society has granted ASET Continuing Education Units [ASET-CEUs] for this program. Such crediting, however, should not be construed by program participants as an endorsement of any type of instruments or supplies mentioned or involved in these presentations.