Pediatric EMG

Matthew Pitt, MD

Matthew Pitt, M.D.


Since 1990 until recently, Dr. Matthew Pitt had been a Consultant Clinical Neurophysiologist at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He is a well-known teacher and educator in Pediatric EMG chairing the International Pediatric EMG conferences, which have been running since 1997. He is acknowledged both internationally and nationally as having some of the most extensive experience in paediatric EMG seeing around 850 cases per annum. He has established an international network of enthusiasts in paediatric EMG and has trained doctors from all over the world. His particular interests are the use of StimSFEMG in children, investigation of dysphagia and obstetric brachial plexus palsy. He has been active in research with over 180 publications of which 90 were full peer-review papers. In addition he has written 10 chapters and the first ever text book dedicated to paediatric EMG.


  • To prepare doctors who are seeing children for EMG rarely to make their examinations successful
  • To emphasise the important differences from adult EMG 
  • To give an overview of strategies likely to be needed in pediatric EMG

Intended Audience: 
Neurophysiologists, Neurologists, EMG Technologists