How to Setup Xltek® Trex™ HD for Clinical Use


Chee Chong Ong, R. EEG T.

Chee Chong holds a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from Griffith University in Australia. For 5 years he worked as the Senior Technologist in charge of a Neurodiagnostic Laboratory in Singapore. He started working for Natus in February 2016 as a Clinical Application Specialist for EEG/IOM products.

This webinar focuses on Xltek Trex HD ambulatory setup and its interaction with Natus® NeuroWorks® software. This session will also cover hardware and software aspects of Xltek Trex HD and its usage.

Intended Audience:
EEG technologists, neurologists, neurophysiologists and DPs who work with Xltek Trex HD and NeuroWorks.