About Neuro Training Academy

Welcome to the Neuro Training Academy


Natus Neuro Training Academy is a platform that is focused on educational programs to better support customers in the use and optimization of Natus products.
Our team of experts includes physicians, clinical application specialists, engineers and other skilled professionals with years of experience in a wide range of Neurodiagnostics modalities.
These training programs take place at Natus Neuro Training Academy dedicated facilities in different global locations, at clinical teaching facilities, during conferences and seminars, and online.
Natus Neuro Training Academy collaborates with renown Medical Societies for accreditation of their courses, such as the American Association of Sleep Technologists, American Association of Electrodiagnostic Technologists and ASET: The Neurodiagnostic Society.

Our Mission

To create, present and disseminate clinical knowledge and product expertise to educate our customers to empower them to further improve and advance patient care and clinician workflow.